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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 5/24

Another week, more OTAs. Hello, AP and welcome to Monday. Once more the Kansas City Chiefs news has been gathered. Not a lot today, but look for Joel to have updates as reports come out from the OTA. Enjoy!

The situation was unnecessary and should never have happened. Haley and Pendergast should have been able to find a middle ground that would have gotten Johnson on the field more often, and put into positions to make some of the big plays that were so lacking from the ‘09 defense.

Johnson missed the Philadelphia game last September (groin) and there were three other games where he did not have a tackle. There were four other games when he had just one tackle. That’s half the season and a total contribution of four tackles. That’s a crime for a player as talented as Johnson and a defense that was not playing very well like the ‘09 Chiefs.

There were big contributions in other games, including seven tackles against Pittsburgh and four against Washington, Buffalo and at Denver. The Steelers, Redskins and Broncos were three of the four victories the team had last season.

D.J. Needs To Start … Monday Cup O’Chiefs from Bob Gretz

No, the other name making the rounds in some NFL circles is Trent Green, who last played with the Rams in 2008. He battled concussions during a 14-year NFL career, including two severe ones in a 13-month period. Green officially announced his retirement less than a year ago and has a promising career as a broadcaster. He signed last week to do the Kansas City Chiefs' preseason games and also works for Fox and NFL Network.

A source close to Green said Green talked with the Bears three or four weeks ago and decided to remain in retirement, but the situation might be fluid. Another former Martz protege, Josh McCown, also has been mentioned.

Martz turns up the heat for a veteran from The Chicago Sun-Times

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Since healthy eating plus an active lifestyle is a winning combination for weight loss, the recipes are followed by tips from Mitzi Dulan, a sports dietitian who works with the Kansas City Chiefs and Kansas City Royals, about how to stay motivated while exercising.

Get Ready for Summer With Lean Pork from (seriously)

By Bobby Johns’ own account, nobody knew his name as a high school freshman, and nobody knew it five years later when his football career at the University of Alabama was still yet to bloom.

In time, he became one of the most successful defensive backs the Crimson Tide has ever had. And as of this past weekend, anyone who tours the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame will know Bobby Johns’ name as well. A native of Cullman, Johns was a three-time All-Southeastern Conference player from 1965-1967...

...Johns went on to All-America honors in 1966 and 1967, capping an undefeated 1966 season with a Sugar Bowl record three interceptions in a 34-7 win over Nebraska. But one of the nation’s top collegiate players, eventually drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs, had plans other than pro football. Johns embarked on a 33-year coaching career that took him from South Carolina to Eastern Kentucky, from Tennessee-Chattanooga to Florida State and Valdosta State. Johns ended his coaching run as head coach at the University of West Alabama from 1997-2000.

Johns became one of UA’s best defenders from Tide Sports

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell sent a letter to 44 governors urging them to pass a law similar to one in Washington state that protects young athletes from concussions.

The NFL said in an e-mail Sunday that Goodell's letter will be part of Dr. Richard Ellenbogen's testimony at Rep. John Conyers' forum on concussions in New York on Monday.

Ellenbogen treated Zackery Lystedt, the Washington youth who suffered a brain injury in 2006 after returning to a middle school football game following a concussion. His story prompted Washington to pass Lystedt's Law, which keeps young athletes from returning to play too soon. Other states that adopted similar laws are Oregon, Connecticut, Virginia, New Mexico and Oklahoma.

Goodell urges governors to adopt concussion law from KC Star

Player Tweets

BCarr39 Thank You Atlanta, you were so kind!
BCarr39 Back to the grind in the a.m.
BCarr39 Did I miss anything exciting this weekend in Kansas City...?
BCarr39 I would watch the game but I already know the outcome so I'll jus go watch some film
BCarr39 I can't help it if you say I've changed cuz I work too hard to stay the same...
BFlowers24 jus ittn on the plane while they doublecheck everything...they betta triplecheck b4 takn me back to kc..poppn n vt 07film on the way there..
GlennDorsey72 Goodbye LA.. Hello KC
BCarr39 All these seats in this restaurant and this man comes and sits right next to me! Whyyyy?
GlennDorsey72 Damn I'm missin #boondocks again.. Dude on plane next me snorin his ass off I'm bouta wake him up ..#chilloutbruh
GlennDorsey72 Been traveling for years now and turbulance still gets me shook ... Smh
GlennDorsey72 Dang everybody talkin bout #boondocks is there a site online wer I can watch it wen I get home? Or do I hav to wait for worldstar tomm? Lol

Media and Fans

HermEdwardsESPN RT @scottbwalters: @HermEdwardsESPN Hey Coach, will Brandon Flowers be a Pro Bowler in the next 3 years?yes he's a very good player

HermEdwardsESPN RT @theReaper16: @HermEdwardsESPN What does Chiefs LB Derrick Johnson need to do to reach his potential? Keep his focus and stay inj. Free

mellinger Weirdest game ever: Zack is shelled, a CF loses his glove over the fence, Hose and Bert hit consecutive triples, and now Bloomy homers

mellinger Winsteads with my little bro and feel like a bad Kansas Citian. Forgot how good it is.

WhitlockJason Marv Albert goes from biting woman n ass and wearing stilleto heels to interviewing the president. Only n America!!

kentbabb Gonna break down and watch tonite's episode of Lost. If it's good, maybe I'll keep watching. Hopefully I didn't miss anything that'll matter

JPosnanski Lima's Time.

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