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Questioning The Validity Of Dwayne Bowe's "Importing"

And this is why I like so much. Mr. Gretz takes a closer look at  Dwayne Bowe's "importing" story. Here's what he had to say...

On the idea that the women "had the whole top floor":

That would have been the La Jolla Hyatt and there's absolutely no way that the players could have taken over the entire top floor. The only way they could have put together a block of rooms that size would have been through the team, and I can guarantee you the Chiefs would not have done that. 

On the idea that "there was a girl in every room":

That's an obvious exaggeration. Were some players looking to get laid on their two-night trip to San Diego? Sure. Was it the majority of the team? No way.

On the players flying women in "three or four days in advance":

Are you kidding me? Anybody that's dealt with players and money will tell you that putting up a woman in a luxury hotel for five or six nights, when the player himself was there for only two nights is just not believable. It's laughable in fact.

So not only was it a poor decision for Bowe to share the story in the first place, the accuracy of the question is being called into question.

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