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Former Chief Says Bowe Lied, Denies 'Importing' Women

Jimmy Wilkerson, defensive tackle for the Saints, was on the Chiefs in 2007. Specifically, he was on the team for a road trip to San Diego.

But he doesn't know anything about "importing" women.

"The things he's saying are not true," Wilkerson told Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star on Thursday.

Wilkerson said security was so tight around the hotel that he had trouble getting his family up there, "let alone have girls waiting in the rooms for you."

The coach at the time, Herm Edwards, sang a similar tune in an appearance on 810 WHB Thursday morning. He said security guards patrolled the floor until two or three in the morning. Wilkerson says Bowe's story makes it look like coaches were allowing this to go on but "I know Coach Edwards did not do that."

"I was a part of that ’07 team and it looks like everybody on that team was a part of this," he said. "He’s talking about everybody on the team whether they’re married or they’re single. I’ve been married for about eight years. That kind of makes me mad because the married guys respect their wives but it makes us look bad. Now we have to answer to our families and to our wives and let them know we didn’t do anything like that and there was nothing like that going on."

And therein lies the biggest problem with all of this. He implicated his teammates. He made his teammates answer questions from wives, girlfriends and family members. He brought about questions of trust.

Wilkerson suggests someone -- "like Brian Waters" -- will ask him, 'Why did you say these lies?'

We'll have a reaction from Waters soon. He thinks the issue will be handled internally.

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