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More Former Chiefs Distancing Themselves From Bowe's Story

The local NBC affiliate here in Kansas City sought out the opinion of a couple of former Chiefs regarding the now infamous "importing" story from current Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe. One former Chief, Jimmy Wilkerson, has already strongly denied Bowe's accounts of that San Diego road trip.

Former cornerback Patrick Surtain indicated that Bowe's statements not only demonstrate poor judgment but are the equivalent of throwing your teammates under the bus.

"Wow! If it did happen, you shouldn't be telling a magazine," he said, according to NBC-41. "He probably broke the code for every NFL player that's ever played."

Indeed and that's the problem a lot of folks have with this story. He implicated his teammates -- even if they're unnamed -- by telling the story. Implicit in Surtain's words above are that he had or has no knowledge of the "importing" that was going on.

I reached out to one former Chief who was on the team in '07 and, while he declined comment on this story, did say the story was brought to his attention by -- you guessed it -- his wife.

As Surtain suggests, there are some things better left unsaid.

Similarly, Boomer Grigsby, who was on the team in '07, wants no part of Bowe's story.

"There wasn't anything of that sort going around with the crowd that I ran with," Grigsby said. "And I think I can pretty much speak to the rest of the team as well."

Now that is how you answer a question about "importing" women.

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