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Chiefs Coach, Dwayne Bowe Had 'Long Conversation'

While the Chiefs are officially employing the "No comment" line to reporters, Todd Haley was asked about Dwayne Bowe's comments today on the Jim Rome Show.

"Uh, Jim, I appreciate the question," he said, "and I know that's kinda been the hot topic here yesterday and today. But I'm going to stick to things that have occurred on my watch and keep it at that."

The story in question took place in 2007 -- before Haley and GM Scott Pioli took over -- so Haley's response is reasonable, I think.

Like a good interviewer, Rome asked another question of Haley after he said he didn't want to talk about it. He asked if he had talked to Bowe about the story in question.

"Yeah, I actually did," Haley said. "I had a long conversation [with Bowe] last night. But, again, the details of that conversation, as I hold as my policy, will stay between Dwayne and I. But definitely something that, I think, if you don't at least talk about it, [that] would probably be a mistake."

I'm not quite sure what to make of this. The question at this point is if the Chiefs will take any action against him. According to Haley's "stick to things that have occurred on my watch" comments, I think action from the Chiefs side may be unlikely.

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