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Brandon Flowers Says He's 100%, Ready To Play With Eric Berry

Chiefs CB Brandon Flowers has been sitting out of OTAs with the same shoulder injury that held him out of week one of the 2009 season. Since he injured, it's apparently bothered him on and off but not enough to keep him from missing any other games.

"I"m 100%," Flowers told Nick Wright of 610 Sports on Wednesday. "I forgot I even hurt my shoulder. I'm feeling great right now. It's just a precaution the staff wants us to take so that's what I'm doing."

Flowers has been doing some work in the infamous rehab zone out at Arrowhead but sounds ready to get back at it. His partner-in-crime, Brandon Carr, is ready for the fresh faces that arrived at Arrowhead this week -- namely Eric Berry.

"We got some fresh meat," he said, "some young talent out there. He had success at the college level. We're just excited to see what he can do for us in the secondary. We have him and we also have other guys stepping up, just going out there and making plays."

"When you add a playmaker to the team, I think the whole team steps up and they want to rise to the occasion," Flowers said. "Adding another playmaker to the secondary, it's made all of us step our game up and we're just getting better as a whole right now."

Sounds like all is good in the Chiefs secondary.

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