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Dwayne Bowe's Perception Problem Continues With "No Homo" Comment

Consider this bad timing on Dwayne Bowe's part.

I was just listening to What's Right with Nick Wright on 610 Sports where he had Mike Florio of as a guest. Wright played some audio of Bowe he got after Wednesday's practice.

Wright explained that the audio came roughly an hour before Florio had posted his story on Bowe's "importing" comments.

In the interview, Wright had asked Bowe how much of a difference it makes to have a full year playing with Matt Cassel. While discussing his relationship with Cassel, Bowe at one point he says "no homo", which is essentially slang for not gay.

(Update 5:14 PM: Florio has the full quote: "It's like an extra year with your girlfriend trying to map things out.  You know, those quarterbacks, they're like my girlfriend.  No homo.")

Wright explained that the expression is used regularly "in the hip-hop world" and said that it wasn't meant to be an LJ-esque slur and that it just showed poor judgment on Bowe's part.

Florio made it clear that the words -- while not meant to be offensive -- are derived from a slur and is, at its core, a derogatory statement.

Again, I think most agree that Bowe isn't a bad guy. He has good intentions. The suspension last year came because he was trying to lose weight and get in the good graces of the head coach. His story on "importing women" ended up with him telling the girls no. And these "no homo" comments weren't said with the intention of being derogatory.

It just means that he has extremely poor judgment on a consistent basis. In a year when the Chiefs are making a point of publicizing their emphasis on the team captains they selected in the draft, Bowe's poor judgment is being magnified.

For the record, Florio's guess is that the Chiefs will investigate Bowe's "importing" story and take a hard look at what the next move (if any) should be.

It's Game Time.

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