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No Word From The Chiefs On The Dwayne Bowe Comments

We are about 20 hours removed from the Dwayne Bowe comments.

There's been no public words from the Chiefs or Bowe's camp.

My guess -- and it's just a guess -- is that this will be handled in-house and we won't hear much more about it.

The Chiefs may not feel obligated to address it since the situation he described came under a previous regime. Additionally, any public statements would prolong a story that the Chiefs probably wish is put to sleep.

Bowe's camp may feel like they want to defend what he said and why he said it but I imagine the Chiefs will tell him to zip it.

If you look at the Brian Cushing saga over the past few weeks, his camp kept giving leaks to the media to defend what he did. While they were intended to prop him up, all it did was keep the story alive.

So, if both sides want this thing to die, then there shouldn't be any more comments about it.

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