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Haley Says Chiefs Rookies Went From Bad News Bears To Much Improved

Chiefs coach Todd Haley is good for a nice soundbite every now and again. Example:

"I thought we kinda looked like the Bad News Bears in the first [minicamp practice]," he told us this afternoon, "and by today I thought it was a much smoother operation across the board, which told me the guys were starting to understand it a little more."

(Editor's Note: There's a joke in there somewhere about Haley and Coach Buttermaker.)

Improvement was the theme of Haley's final press conference of rookie minicamp.

Most of these rookies were facing their first NFL minicamp and, despite showing up out of shape, appeared to "get it" as far as Haley's standards go. The one everyone had an eye on was Eric Berry, whom Haley was asked about but, as usual, avoided talking about specifically.

"I thought Eric, along with this whole group...I don't feel a whole lot different than I did a few days ago," he said. "I'm excited. I think these guys have a good energy about them. There's some good personalities in this group, which I think is important. You need good personalities on teams. I think that's important. It's nice to be around these guys. It doesn't appear too big for them right now.

"I think across the board the guys got better as the weekend went on."

The rookies have now done the essentials of preparation. They worked out with the Chiefs strength coaches, stretched, practiced, met the position coaches and went through team meetings. They spoke to the media, got a lesson on what to and not to say.

There were no major slip-ups. No one revealed anything they shouldn't have and no one injured any body parts.

The first minicamp of the season is in the books and most would call it a success.

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