Arrowhead Stadium Renovation Monthly Update

From the FanPosts  -Joel

Since the beginning of the year I have attempted to keep everyone updated on our beloved Mothership, Arrowhead Stadium. So here I go again with some new pics and a little information for all of you.

I'm sure that several of you have seen what Arrowhead Stadium looks like now with most of the new fascia outside. But what about what is happening internally and the inside of the stadium? I know Joel has somewhat of a vested interest since one of our gracious hosts has a press pass. So lets take a look at a few things that's been happening there.


Full View of Arrowhead


South side


New Landscaping


Glazing on New Press Box. Gets a little interesting here. The old boxes are below, the new ones are above. Looks like Joel may need to buy a new pair of binoculars.


Closer shot of them continuing work on the glazing of the press box.


Inside Press Box


Writing Press Workstations


Very rare view of the Scoreboard Control room.


Upper Concourse Bar for all of you booze hounds.


 Horizon Level Seating Area.

Well that's it for this month kiddies. Oh and by the way, Joel won't tell you but there is a new "Press Lounge" being worked on as well. It must be really tough to be writing press there.

Save your lunch money...

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