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David Grimes Joins Six Other Chiefs That Don't Practice On Wednesday

On Monday there were six Chiefs that did not participate in the OTAs: RB Jamaal Charles, CB Brandon Flowers, TE Brad Cottam, WR Quentin Lawrence, WR Lance Long and TE Tony Moeaki.

By Wednesday, one more Chief had joined the crowd: WR David Grimes.

Todd Haley doesn't release any information on injured players during the offseason because he doesn't have to. But we've been able to piece some of these injuries together.

Charles: Had offseason shoulder surgery. Timetable is unknown.

Flowers: Also coming off of a shoulder injury. His timetable is also unknown.

Cottam: Had a neck injury in the 2009 season.

Lawrence: Not sure.

Long: Not sure.

Moeaki: Haley described it as some minor thing.

Grimes: Pulled a hamstring on Tuesday.

Overall the Chiefs are healthy at this stage. Charles and Flowers are the big names on there and both of their absences are precautionary.

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