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Haley On Chiefs Conditioning: 'It's Not Even Close To Last Year'

It looks like the emphasis on conditioning in year one of the Todd Haley regime has paid off. The Chiefs coach told reporters today that the condition of the players this year is "not even close" to last year when many came out of shape.

"I don't think it's close," he said. "It's not even close. So many of these guys, you can't even talk about weights, it's guys that may be similar weights that they were at this time last year but they're in so much better condition. We've really had a good off-season to this point and I think the guys are excited, energized, it's fun to be around them all, there is a great overall energy to the group and again, this is a good time."    

Conditioning was a BIG deal last year. That dominated the conversations at the beginning of training camp. 

All the Chiefs players had to pass a conditioning test (more on the actual test here) and not every Chief passed the test.

Eventually they all did and participated but I'm glad to hear that we won't be hearing the words "conditioning test" as often as we did last year.

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