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Eagles Talked About Moving Chiefs Safety Reshard Langford To Linebacker

Reshard Langford came to the Chiefs on Christmas Day 2009. He was on the Eagles practice squad at the time and teams are allowed to pluck players off practice squads (and the player will okay it).

At the time, the Chiefs had very little at the safety position so the move made sense for him. As it turns out, the Eagles were thinking about a position change for him.

Bob Gretz of has the scoop:

"I looked at the situation and thought there was a better chance for me to play here than there would be with the Eagles," Langford said. "They were talking about moving me to linebacker, which would have been fine. But my opportunities to get playing time were better here."    

He's 6'1" and 213 pounds.

I seem to remember another safety for the Chiefs that some thought could play linebacker....

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