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Argos Coach 'Felt Comfortable' Cory Greenwood Wouldn't Go To The Chiefs

Head coach Jim Barker and the Toronto Argonauts used the third overall pick in the 2010 CFL draft on LB Cory Greenwood. They did this knowing that the Chiefs at one point had expressed interest in him.

"We knew that the Chiefs had talked to him, but normally within the first 48 to 72 hours after a draft a guy is signed and so when he hadn't been signed by the time our draft rolled around we felt pretty comfortable that he wasn't going to be," said Barker.

We now know that the Chiefs had Greenwood as the No. 1 available undrafted linebacker in the instance they cut someone. LB Michael Johnson was released and, the next week, Greenwood is signed.

Can you imagine the NFL losing a player that was a top five pick? It would be devastating to the franchise.

"He'll move forward and get his opportunity and we'll see what happens," Barker said. "He'll get a pro experience, which is a good thing, and we'll see what happens. For us it doesn't change much. We went down a path and we've moved forward and we'll see what happens with him down the road."

Sounds like the Argonauts head coach isn't giving up hope that Greenwood will eventually be available.

Put yourself in Greenwood's position. Do you go to the Argonauts as a high draft pick even though the potential earnings aren't near the NFL? Or do you go to the Chiefs with the outside shot that you make the team?

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