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Glenn Dorsey Doesn't Take Any Nose Tackle Reps At Day One Of Chiefs OTAs

A few days before the draft Nick Wright of 610 Sports reported that "people close" to Glenn Dorsey had said the Chiefs approached him about playing a bit of nose tackle. During a pre-draft press conference, he asked GM Scott Pioli about just that.

Pioli gave a pretty standard non-answer essentially avoiding the question. He does that for the majority of questions so that wasn't a sign that this was or wasn't happening.

If the Chiefs have any plans of moving Dorsey to nose tackle, they're not showing that on the field.

Josh Looney of reports Dorsey received no reps at nose tackle during OTAs this morning.

It's possible the Chiefs could make a position switch at some point in the future but for now Dorsey's a defensive end.

Handling the nose tackle duties, as we told you earlier, were Ron Edwards with the first team and Shaun Smith with the second team. Derek Lokey also had some time there.

Since Wright suggested Dorsey could be moving to nose tackle at some point, a few folks, including the man who helped bring Dorsey to Kansas City -- Herm Edwards -- have said he has the skills to play the position.

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