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Brian Waters Gives Two Reasons For Returning To Chiefs OTAs


One of the surprises at the Chiefs OTAs this morning was the appearance of G Brian Waters. Normally someone who works out on his own in the offseason, Waters decided to come back to Kansas City and start the team portion of preparations for the 2010 season a little early.

Waters told reporters following practice that, first of all, his schedule allowed him to come back. He also gave two other reasons for the trip north.

"One," he began, "to get with the team because a lot of the new things we're putting in. I want to make sure I'm geting familiar with all the nuances of the offense."

If you read Bob Gretz's article this morning, then you know the Chiefs offense will have a few tweaks. The overall philosophy will be the same but the addition of Charlie Weis will make things slightly different from the Todd Haley-run offense.

"Two," he continued, "we've got a big year in the CBA and I wanted to get back because that's going to be a big year as far as educating the players. So this time is the best to be able to get that done."

Waters is a rep for the union and by all accounts takes that position very seriously. This is perhaps the most critical offseason in terms of the business side of things in football in nearly two decades.

"The one thing I can say that's different between now and the past few years is that you have an organization that's going the same way," he said. "No matter whether you agree or disagree with things, the fact that you have a whole organization going the same way, and on the same page, that's a good thing."

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