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Chiefs Hit The Field Monday For OTAs

The Chiefs will take the field tomorrow for their first set of Organized Team Activities (OTAs). Basically, it's a set of practices. Teams are limited in the number of OTAs they can have this year. For the Chiefs, they'll start on Monday and run through the middle of June.

There are no pads (except helmets) and no hitting. Even with the no contact, it seems every year some player in the league twists a leg wrong and ends up with a significant injury.

So you get 14 of these OTAs. Players are limited in how long they can be at the facility or out on the field per day each week. Presumably the vast majority of Chiefs will attend the practices. They're voluntary (in name only) but it's been reported that the Chiefs have had nearly 100% participation (save Brian Waters and Mike Vrabel) at their offseason program, which started in March.

"Right now, the Chiefs have 85 players in their program; remember that the roster limit is 80 players, but those without a signed contract for the ‘10 season do not count towards that total," Bob Gretz of wrote on Friday. "For the Chiefs that’s their seven draft choices and apparently FS Jarrad Page, who has not yet signed his tender offer as a restricted free agent. Whether Page will take part in the OTAs come Monday is something everyone will find out."

Most common question about Page: Does this mean he doesn't want to be in Kansas City?

He may or may not want to be in Kansas City but not signing his tender isn't evidence of that one way or the other. He was the last to sign in 2009. It's possible he's waiting out a little longer for the long, long shot that a new CBA gets done. He and the Chiefs need each other and I think they both know it so I wouldn't worry about this.

Last year the Chiefs had 74 of 81 players participating in the first weekend of OTAs so, by all reports, they should top that mark this week.

Get excited. Football in helmets and shorts tomorrow. Don't schedule any work meetings tomorrow afternoon. We'll be wasting away the day here and it should be fun.

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