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Chiefs RT Ryan O'Callaghan Gets A 'Vote Of Confidence, Maybe'

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Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star has a nice read (with quotes!) on Chiefs right tackle Ryan O'Callaghan.

Pulled off waivers from New England, O'Callaghan did something Ikechuku Ndukwe and Barry Richardson couldn't do -- become the starting right tackle.

He, along with the rest of the offensive line, improved as the season went on. The second half of the year the Chiefs gave up significantly fewer sacks and opened up lanes for Jamaal Charles breakout.

"They brought in some tackles," O'Callaghan said, according to Teicher. "Obviously, they weren't drafted, but their goal is to kind of find the needle in the haystack to try to improve the team in any way. So Branden and I aren't the only tackles on the team. You're always competing."

O'Callaghan called the Chiefs not drafting a tackle in the draft a "vote of confidence, maybe." I'm not sure what it is but it's a pretty clear sign that O'Callaghan will be the starter in 2010.

While the process of acquiring talent never ends, it's highly unlikely there will be another tackle hitting the free agent market that's better suited for the Chiefs than O'Callaghan.

Like the defensive line, it appears the Chiefs are banking on offensive line improvement from the guys already in-house.

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