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Chiefs Game Changers: One Year Under Todd Haley

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So far in this series, we've noted an improved offensive line as a game changer, as well as an increase in team speed.

One game changer we have yet to talk about is that the Kansas City Chiefs have entered their second off season with Todd Haley and following that their second NFL season under the head coach.

One year should make a lot of difference. Here's why:

Haley and Pioli Have Their Guys 

Scott Pioli and Todd  Haley were stuck with some Herm Edwards' hold overs in their first season in KC. Since then, the roster has churned and Haley and Pioli are bringing in their guys to run the front office and personnel side of things.

One more year under this system, whatever you want to call it, is important for players and coaches.


We all know how fat the Chiefs team as a whole was when they came to their first mini-camp with Todd Haley. Hell, Glenn Dorsey was on the verge of eating himself out of the NFL.

That won't be an issue this year. Reports have already come out saying the 2010 Chiefs got the conditioning message from last year. I doubt any Chiefs are going to be pulling weights on the sideline this offseason.

One more year in the 3-4

The 3-4 defense was new for the Chiefs last year. Understandably, there were some struggles as Haley tried to fit a few 4-3 type guys into the new system.

Anecdotal looks at over teams who have recently switched to a 3-4 defense show struggles early in but succeses later. Hopefully that's true for the Chiefs in 2010.


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