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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 5/15


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Good morning, and welcome to your weekend. Just 48 hours until OTAs and it sems the players are ready if you go by their tweets. The Examiner also has some advice on how to keep fans engaged and avoid blackouts (hint: it's not upgrade the stadium). Enjoy your Kansas City Chiefs news.

Ryan O’Callaghan might have been one of the few individuals who, when last season ended, didn’t think the Chiefs were intent on helping themselves at offensive tackle.

Self-preservation could have explained at least some of O’Callaghan’s belief. He was one of last season’s starters, playing the right side while Branden Albert played the left.

But O’Callaghan also saw the improvement as last season progressed and figured the Chiefs might leave well enough alone. They greatly reduced their sacks toward the end of the season while helping Jamaal Charles become one of the league’s rising rushing stars.

Chiefs’ O’Callaghan appreciates his role with the team from KC Star

That’s the truth, but going to a Chiefs game isn’t like nine innings of baseball. At a Royals game you have time to peruse the ballpark, but it’s not the same at Arrowhead. As good as they make the experience inside the stadium tailgating is what Sundays at Arrowhead is all about. The Chiefs have a league-wide reputation for it, and that’s where the fun begins.

I’m not knocking Clark Hunt, because I like having a newer stadium, but looks don’t last. What will make an impression is what runs out the tunnel on Sunday. Getting back to simple, but its two things – winning and losing. While I’m at it, I’ll throw in two more, the team and the fans.

It wasn’t the prospect of having a better stadium that kept the Chiefs in third place for home attendance last season despite a 4-12 record, but it was the fans who loved their team. Winning is the key, and success is what will cause fans to come back.

It’s simple: Just win from The Examiner

Although most clubs possess a pretty well-defined feature back, the perception in recent seasons is that success comes principally from having a complementary runner and sharing the load.

But as the 2009 season demonstrated, and the Super Bowl validated, that is only partly true.

"Whatever works best for you," said Saints coach Sean Payton, who clearly believed in spreading the wealth and the carries. "There's really no right or wrong way..."

...Still, even though the numbers indicate otherwise, the popular sentiment in the league is that a club requires at least two viable running backs to succeed. And moves made in the offseason -- through free agency, trades and the draft -- suggest that's the overriding approach as teams strive for a one-two punch.

Chicago signed Minnesota free agent Chester Taylor to augment Matt Forte, who might have been overworked during a disappointing '09 sophomore season. The Kansas City Chiefs added Thomas Jones, after the New York Jets released him, to bolster a ground game led by Jamaal Charles, whose résumé includes only 12 career starts.

Tip Sheet: Two to tangle? from ESPN

Growing up as young black quarterbacks, it was Warren Moon who was No. 1 in the hearts of Darian Durant and Henry Burris.

Now, the legendary Moon brings his skills to Calgary alongside Burris, the star host, and fellow CFL pivot Durant during the Henry Burris All-Star Weekend.

A former QB with the CFL’s Edmonton Eskimos and the NFL’s Houston Oilers, Minnesota Vikings, Seattle Seahawks and Kansas City Chiefs, Moon will be Burris’ special guest for the kids’ football clinic Saturday at McMahon Stadium.

Moon role model for today's QBs from the Toronto Sun

The second game is equally intriguing. Once again, the schedule maker gave the Browns what on paper should be a winnable game. The Browns host Kansas City in the home opener on Sept. 19. The Chiefs were 4-12 last year, one game off the Browns 5-11 finish.

There are subplots to the Chiefs' game, too. Scott Pioli, the Chiefs general manager, and Browns coach Eric Mangini were together with the Patriots from 2000-2005. Their friendship was fractured in 2007 when Mangini turned the Patriots in for what infamously became known as "Spygate."

Romeo Crennel, the Browns head coach from 2005-2008, is the Chiefs defensive coordinator. He took last year off after undergoing hip surgery.

2010's Early Schedule Intriguing, Winnable from Orange and Brown Report

NFL assistant coaches are considering unionizing because they feel team owners have stripped them of benefits.

NFL Coaches Association executive director Larry Kennan, a former assistant coach, said Friday that a letter was sent to the group's representatives on all 32 teams urging them to "explore the possibility" of a union. By doing so, assistant coaches could gain negotiating rights they do not have as an association.

"One of our options is looking into becoming a union, and we think we ought to do that," Kennan said. "We feel like we have exhausted the rest of our options. We don't have a lot of clout with the owners."

NFL assistant coaches might unionize from KC Star

Player Tweets

BCarr39 T.G.I.F. It all begins on MONDAY!!! How you like that #chiefsfans ?!
GlennDorsey72 Fridayyy!!!! Yeaaaa!!!!
almighty31 after 2 years im finally goin to a royals game
GlennDorsey72 At the barber shop bouta look like Gary Coleman..think Ima take a Nap in the chair since somebody had me shampooing carpet...
GlennDorsey72 Nothin much mayne gettin ready fa these OTA's Monday wus good on yo end?RT @Steve20Slaton: @GlennDorsey72 Was good big homie
GlennDorsey72 Yea we did it last week all day bro @Steve20Slaton: @GlennDorsey72 same so much work just to get started head shots physicals all on sunday
GlennDorsey72 I see fireworks!!!!! the Royals must have won!!!!!!!!!!

Media and Fans

ChiefsPR Congrats to @KCRep - Check out the kudos from Time magazine,8816,1989375,00.html

ChiefsPR You can hear #Chiefs G Ryan Lilja on with @bobfescoe on Monday AM talking about the start of OTAs.

JaredAllen69inc #FF check out @tonygonzalez88 of the Atlanta Falcons

mellinger  Apparently, it's gonna take Ned Yost more than four innings to teach his #Royals how to get a hit.

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