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LB Derrick Johnson Not Out Of Position In Chiefs 3-4 Defense

Hunter Ansley of FOX Sports recently compiled a list of 10 NFL players who "need to pack their bags" this offseason. On the list was three Chiefs -- Glenn Dorsey, Branden Albert and Derrick Johnson.

I think you can make an argument that each of those players needs to be moved (an argument I would strongly disagree with but a legitimate one).

However, I came across the write-up for DJ and found it a little odd.

The Chiefs built a great core for the 4-3 defense just in time to pull a fast one on nearly every prospect drafted to fit that scheme. Johnson was replaced on the inside by stars like Demorrio Williams and Corey Mays, and he belongs in a 4-3 system where he can run and take advantage of his athleticism. When a guy basically patents a ball-punching technique and averages almost 70 tackles a season over six years despite oddly-dwindling playing time, he needs to be on the field for someone.

The problem with this is that the people "in the know" seem to disagree with the notion that DJ is better suited for the 4-3.

Take Zach Thomas for example. Here's what he said shortly after joining the Chiefs last summer.

"This is going to be his best scheme," he said.  "It's definitely weakside linebacker-friendly. It can exploit the talent that he has.  Everybody knows how talented and fast he is. If he gets this down where he's not thinking, just rolling around and just having fun and he knows what to do, he'll be a great player in this scheme."

And DJ? He said his role in the Chiefs defense reminds him of his days at Texas and the scheme makes him more comfortable.

I can't argue with the idea that DJ needs to be playing more somewhere but to say he's not a fit in the Chiefs defense is a flawed argument, I think.

(H/T 65 Toss Power Trap83)

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