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Chiefs Coach Todd Haley On NFL Network: 'Do You Want To Be Great Today?'

Chiefs head coach Todd Haley appeared on NFL Network last night. The segment was short -- only a few minutes -- and there wasn't much new ground covered but it was interesting nonetheless. He touched on a variety of topics from his own rookie year to Matt Cassel's struggles to young players wanting "to be part of something special."

Here's the link to watch the video. Or you can read what he had to say after the jump. (Thanks to NJ Chiefs Fan for the first link)

On his first year as a head coach:

It was a hard year. Coach Parcells actually said five things happen every day that you're not expecting. As they happened each day, I was like 'That's one of them' or 'That's number three'. Because they really happen. It was a hard year but I think a great year because we were able to lay the foundation and survice the difficult times, which ultimately I think will make us great. I think we now have a nucleus of players that understand what's involved here and what's at stake and what's expected.

On Matt Cassel's first year in Kansas City:

I think Matt had a very tough year. When you change teams, systems, personnel and your area of familiarity changes so drastically as it did, it's difficult, especially being the quarterback. He survived and is stronger mentally and physically.  I'm excited for Matt.

On the big wins against Pittsburgh and Denver last year:

For the team, it showed them that when we come together and prepare the way we have to prepare, we can beat any team. The Denver game, because of when it occurred late in the year, against a team playing for their playoff lives, I think will have a big impact for us. Many times you see teams finsh in that fashion and use that as a spring board moving forward.

On the coaching staff additions:

I'm really excited about it. You need coaches to lean on that you can trust and you know the way they're thinking. Me having been in big games with both of those coaches in the 90s with the Jets, and knowing those guys and knowing what makes them tick and knowing that we were all mentored by the same guy will really allow me to trust them and lean on them in all kinds of situations.

On the young players:

We have a lot of high character, young players that want to succeed and be part of something special. I think the most important thing is they want to be good.

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