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More Teams Raising Prices Of Tickets; Chiefs Are Not

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Last year we saw 24 NFL teams who did not raise ticket prices. The reason, so they say, is the economy (Isn't that the reason given for every problem these days?).

This year, however, teams are starting to get back into the swing of things, which means raising ticket prices. According to a USA Today survey, 18 teams are raising prices this season (compared to eight in 2009).

The Chiefs are not one of those teams, as we've previously said in this space. Here's USA Today'rundown on the Chiefs tickets:

Kansas City Chiefs, Arrowhead Stadium (76,416): Increase: No. Price range: $30-$145. Note: Despite refurbishing stadium, Chiefs non-premium tickets have decreased 7.5% over 3 years, now averaging $71.29 per seat vs. $77.09 in '08.    

Decreasing ticket prices for non-premium tickets is what your average fan likes to hear. Clark Hunt actually said back in January that some club-level prices will rise but the rest of the seats won't.

It's not just a 'Hey let's be nice to our fans and decrease prices' sorta thing. It's a 'What is the best price for me to sell out the stadium and still maximize revenue?' sorta thing.

As the Chiefs have gotten worse over the past three years, less people are interested in going which means the Chiefs are enticing folks to attend with lower and lower ticket prices.

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