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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 5/12

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Good morning, and welcome to Arrowheadlines, your Kansas City Chiefs news from across the internet. Today, we have Colquitt on Feagles and Tecmo Bowl, a list of Chiefs that might be better off on another team, and a drunk chick berating Tebow. Enjoy.

"Talking about the sports industry, this is as challenging a time as there has ever been to sell tickets," Hunt said. "I follow what’s going on in the other leagues. I see what’s going on in the industry. Tickets sales across the NFL were down for the first time in I don’t know how many years.

"I’m not sure what the mix is between the economy and the team’s performance. Hopefully this year we’ll have a better performance on the field. We’ll have the new Arrowhead Stadium, which I think our fans will really be excited about. We all have our fingers crossed that the economy is turning the corner."

Chiefs hope team and renovated stadium can help ticket sales from KC Star

Fox4KC Video: Kansas City Chiefs, Troops Swap 'Thanks' at Fort Leavenworth

Most fans around the country that even bothered to know who Feagles was generally considered him just another one of those faceless legs that handle the punts and kicks in the pro game. But among other punters and those in the know when it comes to NFL special teams, Feagles was a rock star.

"I remember the first season I was here, we played the Giants and I remember running out on the field before the game and making a bee-line for Jeff," said Chiefs punter Dustin Colquitt. "I was so excited to get to speak with him. I went running up to him and told him I had worked with Steve Hoffman after I was drafted when the Chiefs brought him in to work on some stuff and clean me up. It was Hoff who was his coach at the University of Miami and found the guy (in an Arizona junior college.)

"I told him I used to play him on the Tecmo Super Bowl (video) game."

End Of An Era … Wednesday Cup O’Chiefs from Bob Gretz

Yesterday I bowed down to pessimists all over Chiefs Nation and gave you what I thought was the absolute, worst case scenario for the Chiefs 2010 season. It wasn’t pretty. I ruined the day for at least 15 people, made Randy cry and now I hear KC Wolf wants to meet me behind the jungle gym after work.

Yes, it could get bad people. Then again, being the giant Chiefs homer that I am, it could get good. In fact, the more I think about it, the Chiefs could do very, very well this season.

Especially when you consider the best-case scenario.

That and a giant glass of red and gold flavored Kool-aid after the jump.

Best Case Scenario from Arrowhead Addict

This evening I was given the opportunity to sit down with Chiefs 3rd round draft choice Tony Moeaki. Pronounced "MO-ee-AH-kee."

The Chiefs had already made their 3rd round choice when they selected Jon Asamoah on the 2nd day of the 2010 NFL Draft. Suddenly, near the end of he 3rd round, the Chiefs traded away their 4th round pick as well as a 5th round selection, to move back in to the 3rd round to snag a TE our of Iowa by the name of Tony Moeaki in what was probably the most controversial move in the entire Chiefs draft.

I asked Tony about that and more in this Arrowhead Addict exclusive interview.

AA Exclusive Interview with Chiefs TE Tony Moeaki from Arrowhead Addict

• Kansas City Chiefs, Arrowhead Stadium (76,416): Increase: No. Price range: $30-$145. Note: Despite refurbishing stadium, Chiefs non-premium tickets have decreased 7.5% over 3 years, now averaging $71.29 per seat vs. $77.09 in '08.

Get Ready to Pay: 18 NFL Teams Raising Ticket Prices for 2010 from USA Today

At the NFL Draft Kelly's fellow Vol, Eric Berry, the Kansas City Chief's 1st Round Pick, said to me that he delivered his hardest hit to Tim Tebow (at the :58 second mark):

Curious to see the famous collision, I looked up the video of Eric Berry versus Tim Tebow or Tennessee versus Florida. This is what I found:

From the video, I'd say Tim Tebow got the best of Eric Berry on that one. Tebow had lower leverage and knocked Berry back. While Berry's sacked Tebow before, this is the hit he was referring to. Berry said he didn't know what he was thinking when he did that, "He brings a load." A load he's going to see twice a year since the Denver Broncos play the Kansas City Chiefs.

Denver Broncos Tim Tebow blasted by hot chick at bar from The San Francisco Chronicle

Two of the nation’s most highly-anticipated freshmen will be on display for Creekside’s spring game at 7 p.m. Friday.

Who are these guys? There are the Berry Twins, Evan and Elliot Berry.

Perhaps you’ve heard the last name? Older brother Eric Berry, who also played at Creekside, was the fifth overall choice of last month’s NFL Draft by the Kansas City Chiefs.

The twins have as much potential, as least at this young age. Both are bigger and faster than Eric was as a baby-faced freshman, say Creekside’s coaches.

Georgia High School Football Spring Preview AJC 30 In 30 Series: Creekside Seminoles from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

It wasn’t too long ago that the Chiefs were a top team; from ‘03 to ‘05, Kansas City led the league in either points or yards in each season. In 2006, on the back of Larry Johnson’s 1,789 yards and 17 touchdowns, K.C. sneaked into the playoffs. But the 2006 Chiefs were an old team on their last legs from the Dick Vermeil era, and would win just 10 games from 2007 to 2009.

Will Shields retired after the season at  age  35. Larry Johnson didn’t recover from the huge workload he received. Tony Gonzalez was 30 years old,  and was sent to Atlanta after the ‘08 season. Jared Allen was traded to Minnesota instead of being rewarded with a big contract. Eddie Kennison was the top receiver in 2006 but he was 33 years old and his production fell off a cliff. Ty Law (32) and Patrick Surtain (30) teamed with Sammy Knight (31) in the secondary in 2006, but they didn’t help Kansas City much after that. Perhaps most important, QB Trent Green, the man who guided the Chiefs throughout the Vermeil era (and in 2006 under Herman Edwards), was traded to Miami … to make room for Damon Huard. With Willie Roaf having retired before the ‘06 season, all of the key players from the explosive offense the Chiefs had in the middle of the decade were either gone or on the decline by 2007. Just as important, the draft didn’t prove to be the elixir Kansas City needed. They tried to improve both lines by spending first-round picks on Tamba Hali, Glenn Dorsey, Brandon Albert and Tyson Jackson, but all have yet to live up to the hype.

In N.F.L., It’s Better to Be Smart Than Young from The New York Times

Mike Zimmer struggled with the decision before deciding to coach the Bengals in that game against the Ravens. He had his dad Bill, son Adam and daughter Corri with him on the sideline. Daughter Marki was not there.

An inspired Cincinnati defense -- once ridiculed by everyone from Bengals "dancing" wide receiver Chad Ochocinco on down -- would continue on to rank as the fourth-best last season in the entire NFL.

It comes as no surprise that Zimmer is among five finalists for the Halas Award, which is presented by the Pro Football Writers Association to individuals in football who overcome the most adversity to succeed...

...Mike picked up coaching tricks watching his dad, and now Adam, Mike's son, is coaching linebackers in the NFL. He coached with the New Orleans Saints last year -- the Zimmers and Paytons are close, and Saints head coach Sean Payton liked Adam's ability and work ethic. So Adam earned a Super Bowl ring before recently joining the Kansas City Chiefs defensive staff.

"I knew Dad (Bill) was a good coach," Mike Zimmer said. "He was hard on me. He molded me on the sidelines to get this high in coaching.

"I tried to talk my son (Adam) out of coaching," he added with a laugh. "He has a degree in finance from Trinity University. But he said he couldn't see himself sitting behind a desk every day."

Bill, Mike Zimmer grace Lockport hall from The Herald-News

3.)  Glenn Dorsey, DT, Kansas City

Believe it or not, there were a few elite tackle prospects before Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy jumped the college shark.  Glenn Dorsey was the next big thing on the defensive line, a surefire prospect that would transform a team’s rush defense into a Steel Curtain highlight reel.  Kansas City had other plans.  After bowing to the applause they received for drafting Dorsey, the Chiefs watched as he struggled through his rookie season, as rookies sometimes do.  KC’s solution?  Overhaul the defensive scheme forcing Dorsey to play out of position as a five-tech.  Bad move... 

6.)  Branden Albert, OT, Kansas City

Todd Haley spoke a lot about his left tackle at the combine.  And despite the appearance of smoke, the Chiefs proved they weren’t ready to fire Albert from the blindside just yet by ignoring the position in the draft.  Albert’s stats improved as the season drew on, but he still feels out of place at the premier blocking position...

9.)  Derrick Johnson, LB, Kansas City Chiefs

Johnson might as well pack up and leave now.  Unless new defensive Romeo Crennell has a serious jones for the former Texas star, he’s not going to see enough of the field.  For some reason, the head man’s just not a fan.  The Chiefs built a great core for the 4-3 defense just in time to pull a fast one on nearly every prospect drafted to fit that scheme... 

10 Guys Who Could Benefit From a Change of Scenery from Fox Sports Southwest

Big Ten Conference expansion isn’t just an issue for athletes, fans and administrators at the University of Missouri to consider. Kansas City — and two other close Big 12 schools, Kansas and Kansas State — have just as big a stake in whether the Tigers stay or go.

Kansas City is a college sports nerve center with the attendance and economic impact figures to prove it.

But if the Big Ten plucks Missouri, as has been widely speculated, Kansas City’s college sports identity will change.

What becomes of the Border War? The annual Missouri-Kansas football skirmish at Arrowhead Stadium has become a can’t-miss affair that generates more than $1 million a year for the game’s visiting team. But KU athletic director Lew Perkins told The Kansas City Star on Tuesday it would be difficult to continue an athletic relationship with a team that had left the conference.

How would the Big 12 Conference play in Kansas City without Mizzou? from KC Star

Player Tweets

BFlowers24 its a lil sunshine in lovin that right now
superdj56 just woke up from a 3 hour nap man... feeling great
GlennDorsey72 Hungry....
JarradPage44 Chuckster is hilarious on TNT inside the NBA. Lmao. He said u gain muscle by liftin weights and drinkin sugary protien shakes. Lmfao
JarradPage44 I almost threw up. Smh. #damn RT @ithinkurwright Damn my workout today got me walkin round here like Kobe Bryant n shhh... Smh #sore
BCarr39 Carrabba's jus played me on my food. I'm still hungry!
BCarr39 This is my first time watchin the Davinci Code, hope it's good!
JarradPage44 Chuck on here talkin about eatin chicken feet. Lol
superdj56 Come out and support my foundation event that benefits children in many ways...go to for info

Media and Fans

Adam_Schefter RT @SBJLizMullen: Breaking--SBD: San Diego Chargers RFA LB Shawne Merriman has terminated CAA Sports, as his representatives.

JoshLooney At the Lewis & Clark Center with Scott Pioli & players...houses the Staff and General Command College

espn_afcwest Preseason dates are set -

Karen36214 Received my "Univ. of N. Florida Journal" in the mail. There is a 2pg article on Chiefs coach Todd Haley. He is also a UNF grad. Touchdown!

JPosnanski In stands, explained to 8-year-old what "Cy Young Award" is. Her response: "That last Royals guy pitching won't win one."

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