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ESPN 30 For 30 Featuring The Raiders Tonight

The Raiders will get some national exposure this evening in ESPN's 30 for 30: Straight Outta LA.

Ice Cube is directing the documentary which will cover the rise of the Raiders in the 80s.

"In 1982, Raiders owner Al Davis beat the NFL in court and moved his team from Oakland to Los Angeles. With a squad as colorful as its owner, the Raiders captivated a large number of black and Hispanic fans in L.A. at a time when gang warfare, immigration and the real estate boom were rapidly changing the city. The L.A. Raiders morphed into a worldwide brand as the team's colors, swagger and anti-establishment ethos became linked with the hip-hop scene that was permeating South Central Los Angeles."

Should be pretty interesting. I suspect Ice Cube will do an excellent job with this.

Are you going to watch it? I can't imagine what Lamar Hunt was thinking when some of this went down with Al Davis.

Check it out tonight at 7:00 PM (CST) on ESPN.

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