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Chiefs Quarterbacks Are The Most Experienced Position Group On The Team

Who woulda thunk it? The Chiefs quarterbacks are actually the most experienced on the team. Thanks to Josh Looney of for doing the legwork here.

Most Experience: Quarterbacks (4.0 years)

Least Experience: Tight Ends (2.5 years)

Oldest: Running Backs (27.75 years)

Youngest: Defensive Backs (24.1 years)

Largest Group: Offensive Line (16 players)

Smallest Group: Quarterbacks/Tight Ends (4 players)

What stands out to me on this list is the defensive backs. As I've said before, the Chiefs are well aware of the trends in the NFL. Those trends are indicating that this is becoming a passing league and, as Todd Haley has said, you've gotta prepare for that.

Anything else jump out at you on this list?

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