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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 5/11

 Good morning, AP. Another daily dose of Kansas City Chiefs news from across the internet. Enjoy!

Every week was a learning experience for Jackson. Now, the Chiefs are expecting him to put those lessons into use in season No. 2. But what can the Chiefs reasonably expect from their second-year defensive end?

Let’s start with another question: what can any team playing the 3-4 defensive scheme expect in the way of production from the guys on the end. A bit below we have a chart of all the starting d-ends in the 3-4 from last season. There were 13 teams that lined up in the 3-4. There were four teams in that group that identified one or both of the players on the end of the line as defensive tackles. In essence, they were defensive ends, so they are included with the group.

Expectations For Tyson … Tuesday Cup O’Chiefs from Bob Gretz

Unfortunately, they don’t hand out Lombardi Trophies for having the best offseason. We’ve been here before, remember?

This time a year ago, Chiefs Nation was riding high. "King" Carl Peterson was but a horrifying memory. Herm "You Play To Win The Game" Edwards was signing his ESPN contract and applying Vaseline to his pearly whites. The Chief had hired the best possible GM candidate available as well as a young up and coming head coach who had helped make the Arizona Cardinals into a Super Bowl team. Lastly, they traded for a little New England Patriot magic in 09’ surprise player of the year, Matt Cassel.

Chiefs Nation rejoiced. We were going to be in the Super Bowl in no time.

All of that hope, all of that optimism, was great for the fans. It really was.

What did it bring us? +2 wins.

The worst case scenario after the jump.

Worst Case Scenario from Arrowhead Addict

It is interesting with other needs on the board, the Chiefs brass didn’t think an overflow of running backs was a problem they could live with heading into training camp. They passed on DT Terrence Cody and DE Sergio Kindle so they could plug McCluster into their offense as a receiver.

And looking at their roster this makes sense when you consider the Chiefs receiving core isn’t deep or talented. Last year Todd Haley pegged Lance Long as his pet project. It failed. And they recently signed David Grimes. So do we really need another grossly undersized receiver?

Point – Counterpoint: WR Dexter McCluster from Warpaint Illustrated


Reason for optimism: The Chiefs added two coordinators (Crennel and Charlie Weis) with Super Bowl pedigrees as well as quality veteran free agents like running back Thomas Jones, center Casey Wiegmann and guard Ryan Lilja.

Cause for concern: The NFL’s 31st-ranked rushing defense still has issues in the front seven.

Potential basement replacement: Oakland is trying to avoid an NFL-record eight consecutive seasons with 11 or more losses.

Forecast: Quarterback Matt Cassel has more talent around him and Todd Haley is better prepared to handle head-coaching responsibilities after a bumpy first season. The Chiefs are my darkhorse contender for a wild-card berth.

Can Any of these Team Escape Cellar? from ESPN

The Atlanta Falcons knew all along whom they would be playing in the 2010 preseason. They also knew Week 2's preseason matchup against the New England Patriots would be a primetime affair on August 19 at the Georgia Dome.

Today they learned when they will face Kansas City in Week 1, the Dolphins in Week 3, and the Jaguars in Week 4.

Week 1's matchup with the Chiefs will be on Friday, August 13 at 8 pm.

Atlanta Falcons preseason dates and times released from

The Associated Press has announced it intends to conduct a re-vote for two awards given to Texans linebacker Brian Cushing at the conclusion of last season.

The decision comes in the wake of Cushing's four-game suspension handed down last week for violating the league's policy on performance enhancing substances.

AP set to re-vote awards given to Texans LB Cushing from KC Star

Player Tweets

almighty31 s/o 2 all of my supporters
BCarr39 @BFlowers24 aye bruh u missin this #saunatalk by the infamous! Smmfh
BFlowers24 @BCarr39 lmaoo man i go in at 7:30 for a reason now....aye boi i got some sauna talk for u tomorooooow tho...lets hit it at 730
BCarr39 @BFlowers24 yea I'm there.
berry1429 Finally done workin out with my rounds @aevans_25, @SFAZIER_43, and @RokWatkins73.
BFlowers24 aye wussup "rain" preciate ya stoppn thru and messn up the sattalite...wasnt like i was watchn the game or nuthn smdh

Media and Fans

JoshLooney T.C. was an undrafted FA RT @spenser_b: @JoshLooney - Did the Chiefs waste a draft pick on T.E. Drake? Is there someone we missed out on?

kentbabb Just saying It's senseless in this day and time that a burger place doesn't offer something as simple and essential as bacon. I mean, my God

mortreport RT @thatguyinGA: @mortreport In Sept. Cushing avg 8.67 tackles& had 0 sacks. rest of yr he avg 8.23 tackles& had 4 sacks. He earned ROY

Adam_Schefter Brian Cushing took and passed a lie-detector test to prove he was not guilty of taking a PED. Yet his four-game suspension still stands.

mellinger Ranked BELOW Danica Patrick's homely and overrated looks on Maxim's 100: Duff, Biel, Alba, Jolie, Union, Ambrosio, Kiebler. #didmendothis?

AroundTheHorn Woody thinks Broncos need to trade Orton He likes Tebow that much.

WhitlockJason This Cushing deal is sounding like perfect opportunity for me to clownsuit everybody n my Thursday FOX column.

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