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Eight Out of Ten Kansas City Chiefs Fans Approve Of Off Season Moves

Each month this off season, tens of thousand of Chiefs fans were polled to see if they approved of the job Clark Hunt, Scott Pioli, and Todd Haley have been doing at their respective jobs.

As most you know, we've been running polls each month for the last year and a half asking if you as Kansas City Chiefs fans approve of the job the KC leadership was doing. 

I'm sure the KC brass would be happy to learn that over 80% of you approve of the job they're doing this off season. 

Scott Pioli continues to earn the highest approval ratings each month. Here's why I think that is:


  • Fans tend to give Pioli the benefit of the doubt because of his supposed "genius" earned in New England;
  • As the "architect" of the new Chiefs, Pioli is given credit for at least creating a foundation with which KC can move forward with; and,
  • Guys that wear glasses are smart (I've wore glasses/contacts since the 4th grade. Trust me).
Chiefs head coach Todd Haley, even though he has very high approval numbers, lags behind the Chiefs' GM and owner in terms of fan approval. Here's why I think that is:
  • Pioli gets more credit for personnel moves;
  • He's still an unproven head coach; and,
  • There are probably a certain percentage of fans that will never approve of Haley because of his brash personality.
I won't go into much detail with Clark Hunt. His job was basically over when he hired Scott Pioli. He done good. 

Hopefully this can stir up some conversation for the third shift this evening. What are your thoughts on these differences in approval ratings? Or the approval ratings in general?

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