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Chiefs Offseason Was Good...Except For That Pesky Defense

I've talked about the Chiefs offseason recently. If it were up to me, they'd be in the talk on those top five best offseasons lists. From Thomas Jones to Romeo Crennel to Eric Berry, the moves made sense.

But were they the best moves? Did the Chiefs fix the biggest problem on their team?

Yes, I'm talking about the front seven. There's no doubt the Chiefs front seven did not play up to the standards Todd Haley expressed (to the media at least). By and large, there hasn't been any movement on that front, either.

I came across another one of those offseason lists -- this time by Alex Marvez of (which was shared with us via AP's now-popular Facebook page) and he had the normal things to say about the offensive additions.

Reason for optimism: The Chiefs added two coordinators (Crennel and Charlie Weis) with Super Bowl pedigrees as well as quality veteran free agents like running back Thomas Jones, center Casey Wiegmann and guard Ryan Lilja.

And for the defense?

Cause for concern: The NFL’s 31st-ranked rushing defense still has issues in the front seven.

Right. Actually they're the same issues. With the exception of Shaun Smith, not much has changed there at all. The Chiefs still have issues at inside linebacker. Mike Vrabel's replacement might be in-house and that's a good thing.

After that, the Chiefs are counting on development from the guys already in-house including Glenn Dorsey, Tyson Jackson and Demorrio Williams, among others.

The Chiefs better hope these players develop like they want and expect because they're taking an awfully big risk in failing to address those positions.

I guess my point is, yeah the offseason was good and they hit on needs, but did they address the positions that could've helped them the most?

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