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Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles Should Be Looking To Get Paid

I'm not breaking any news here by saying Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles is underpaid. Way underpaid.

He's entering the 2010 season with the expectations of being a top 5-10 running back.

And he's being paid like a third-round nobody.

Charles signed a three-year, $1.76 million contract back in the summer of 2008. As part of that, he received a $610,000 signing bonus. His incredible second half of the season earned him $385,000 in base salary.

He'll earn another $470,000 in 2010. He is entering the final year of his contract. Depending on the CBA moving forward, he could be a free agent in 2011 (though the Chiefs wouldn't let him walk for free).

Charles, if he's thinking, should be looking for more money. Last year's statistics may be as high as they get with him. Sure, he has a bright future but now he's going to be splitting carries with Thomas Jones. His stats may not grow like everyone thinks they will.

And if you don't have the stats, you usually don't have the financial offers. His value is possibly as high as it will ever be.

If Charles is looking out for Charles, he should do what it takes to get paid before the Chiefs run the wheels right off of him.

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