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Doesn't Sound Like The Chiefs Are Interested In Adalius Thomas

A few days ago, ESPN's Bill Williamson posted a blurb suggesting the Chiefs are interested in free agent LB Adalius Thomas.

The Broncos and Chiefs continue to be linked to signing rumors surrounding former New England pass rusher Adalius Thomas. The connections make sense since Thomas fits both team's needs and schemes.     

The problem here is that the Chiefs haven't been linked to Thomas. I've yet to see one report that suggests the Chiefs are interested. The only reason, as far as I can tell, is that Thomas is a New England guy and Chiefs GM Scott Pioli has shown interest in more than a few New England guys.

From what I understand, there's not any interest there. That doesn't mean there won't be as training camp nears, but for now they don't appear to have any interest.

Thomas was booted out of New England because he wasn't a great fit with their scheme. You know who runs the same scheme? Yeah, I don't think they're interested.

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