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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 5/1

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Good morning AP! Two practices today from the newbies. We should see reports on that later this afternoon. In the meantime, you'll have to settle for these Kansas City Chiefs news links from across the internet. How is that neither the Star or the Mothership posted a single photo from yesterday? Also, check out the very last story and be glad none of our guys started out like that.

The Chiefs are hoping to get more in 2010 from their rookie class than they did last year, when only kicker Ryan Succop was a significant addition.

To that end, the Chiefs began the process Friday with the start of a three-day rookie camp at their Truman Sports Complex practice facility.

All seven draft choices, including first-round safety Eric Berry of Tennessee, participated. Also on hand were all 11 undrafted rookies, some younger veterans and a handful of roster tryout candidates, including quarterback Bill Stull from Pittsburgh.

Chiefs check out their new players at rookie camp from KC Star

The Chiefs 2010 Rookie Camp began Friday as Todd Haley and his coaching staff started throwing the team’s programs and fundamentals at the 33 players on the field.

"I have strong convictions of doing it this way with just the rookies in here at this time," said Haley. "I think it really gives them a chance to get their feet wet without that added pressure of guys that know what to do."

Practice Report 4/30 Update from Bob Gretz

The draft is just one cookie jar, but some of the best players come after the draft.

The Chiefs have already signed several who weren’t drafted, including defensive tackle Garrett Brown from Minnesota. Weighing over 330 pounds, he could fill a need at the nose tackle position.

I love it when someone you least expect surprises you.

There also will be free agents looking for jobs. Don’t forget, Marcus Allen was a June signee.

So if you weren’t totally sold on the draft or thought certain needs were left undone, just breathe and relax. There is a bounty of jars left to explore, and I have faith the Chiefs will look into each one.

Draft is done, but Chiefs’ work isn’t from The Examiner

It's hard to imagine Berry - an All-American deemed a surefire NFL star - held a player in such a high regard not that long ago.

Yet he did just that.

While at Tennessee, Berry never hid his admiration for former Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor, who was killed by intruders in his home on Nov. 27, 2007.

"I loved the way he played the game," Berry said.

Berry's obsession with football often centered around Taylor, one of the rare safeties who could play the pass and run equally (and dominantly) well.

Berry takes his admiration of Taylor to Chiefs from Go Vols Xtra

KC Star Video: Chiefs | Rookie Mini-Camp - Audio is Haley's press confrence, but there are some still images thrown in from the practice.

Each of the Chiefs’ seven draft choices have spotless resumes. Talent is a necessity for a player at any level, but greatness comes from athletes who have ability AND character. Volumes of books could be written with names of great athletes who lacked character and never met their physical expectations.

As former college coaching great Lou Holtz once stated, "The answers to three questions will determine your success or failure. 1. Can people trust me to do my best? 2. Am I committed to the task at hand? 3. Do I care about other people and show it? If the answers to these questions are yes, there is no way you can fail."

Let’s all hope the Chiefs really did their homework and the answers were yes to all of the above.

Chiefs addressed glaring need from The Examiner

Deron Cherry who played for the Kansas City Chiefs and Derek Holloway who played for Washington Redskins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Indianapolis Colts in additon to the USFL, are going to be honored tonight during the school’s annual Hall of Fame Banquet  at the Cove II in Edgewater Park.

Palmyra retires two football greats numbers from

At first glance, former pro football linebacker Jim Fraser and former college recreation director Bob Glascott might not seem to have much in common.

But both have devoted decades of their lives to Camp Tecumseh, a summer boys' camp in New Hampshire that has roots in venerable Philadelphia institutions and families...

...Sports fans know Fraser from the American Football League and the NFL, a player for the Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs, Boston Patriots, and New Orleans Saints. Fraser's first year was 1948. Today it seems as if he has been the camp athletic director forever, and he continues to serve and mentor.

He can't imagine stopping.

"I have always been part of Camp Tecumseh," Fraser said.

Camp Tecumseh to honor two longtime happy campers from The Philadelphia Inquirer

A picnic/fundraiser to benefit the Johnny Robinson Boys home in Monroe is scheduled in Covington on Saturday.

Robinson was a member of the 1958 LSU national championship football team and a former defensive back for the Kansas City Chiefs. He has been operating his home to benefit troubled youth for more than 30 years.

Briefs: Hackney tied for fourth in Alabama event from 2the

The personnel calendar turns very quickly in pro football. Just last weekend, the NFL was selecting players from the class of 2010.

Already, the league is preparing for the class of 2011. Here’s a preliminary look at the top offensive players at each position as of now. On Saturday we’ll provide the top defensive players. This list of players includes several who will be juniors this fall.

Top 2011 Draft Prospects-Offense from Bob Gretz

"I felt a little dehydrated today, and didn’t drink a lot water, so now I’m going to start drinking a lot of water and keep myself hydrated," an embarrassed McKnight said. "It was nerves. I was nervous at first, just getting back out, playing football and trying to show what I can do."

McKnight, drafted out of Southern California, felt better as the day’s first practice went along and even showed off some slick, elusive moves.

"I thought Joe McKnight looked good," Rex Ryan said with a pause and a smile, "when he wasn’t throwing up."

McKnight vomited near a goalpost midway through practice, and later had both calves worked on by team trainers.

Jets' McKnight has Rough First Day from The New York Post

Player Tweets

almighty31 "Kobe BLOCKED by Durant!!!!" I like the sound of that. Let's go #Thunder!!!!!
BCarr39 Watchin Napoleon Dynamite waitin on these steaks to finish cookin
BCarr39 Chowing down watching Friday After Next..."Who got the rent money?!" Lol
BCarr39 Jus a lil glimpse of how I get down in the kitchen...
GlennDorsey72 Dy-no-mite!! (jj voice) only the voice tho lol

Media and Fans

JoshLooney None of the Chiefs draft picks will be affected by NCAA graduation rules, meaning none will be forced to report late to OTAs (Washington 09)

Adam_Schefter RT @rockchalk1985: who of last years bad teams will be the most improved team this year? ... Falcons, Redskins, Chiefs, 49ers, Seahawks

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