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Cassel Says Chiefs Offense Will Be A Haley/Weis Collaboration

Good thing for Matt Cassel: The Kansas City Chiefs offense won't be changing much.

"From what I hear and preliminary reports coming out of Kansas City," Cassel said on 810 WHB this morning, "a lot [of our offense] is going to be the Kansas City offense from last year."

This is pretty much what we expected. New offensive coordinator Charlie Weis comes from the same tree as Todd Haley and much has been made of the terminology being similar.

"Coach Weis is a great addition," Cassel said, "he's going to come in and I'm sure he's going to have a lot of great ideas."

But that doesn't mean Weis is completely running the show.

"It's going to be a collaboration from both coach Haley and coach Weis."

Cassel also says Haley plans to stay involved -- as he should be considering he was hired based largely on his work as an offensive coordinator.

"From speaking with coach Haley," Cassel continued, "I know he wants to still be very involved in the offensive game plan in whatever capacity that is."

No real surprises from this interview. He had some good things to say about Thomas Jones (which we'll touch on tomorrow) and some baseball talk (which we may touch on tomorrow as well).  Check out the full interview at the 810 WHB website.

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