Please Read: Updated AP Mock Draft Round 2 Order

Hi everyone,

With the recent trades in the NFL, I wanted to give you all an updated round two draft order for the AP Mock Draft. Please take note and be prepared to send in your pick when we e-mail you. Ideally, you would be able to send in your pick the day before we post it.

If you're unable to participate in this round, please email us ASAP at chiefssportsblognation [at] gmail [dot] com.

Here is the updated order:

Number Team Player Selected by
33 Rams UCrawford
34 Lions upamtn
35 Bucs Larryemcdaniel
36 Chiefs ChiefsFan90s
37 Eagles (From Redskins) fairmont
38 Browns HIV2Elway
39 Raiders mushin
40 Chargers (From Seahawks) tomahawk44
41 Bills ArrowDread
42 Bucs (From Bears) Larryemcdaniel
43 Dolphins Sam D
44 Patriots (from Jaguars) stagdsp
45 Broncos kcsno56
46 Giants CHIEFER
47 Patriots (from Titans) stagdsp
48 Panthers Hail2DaChiefs
49 49ers jterry
50 Chiefs (from Falcons) ChiefsFan90s
51 Texans ChiefsDude
52 Steelers Godlovetheredman14
53 Patriots stagdsp
54 Bengals PSUkegreen
55 Eagles fairmont
56 Packers tybme
57 Ravens Ben S
58 Cardinals kirkismerff
59 Cowboys dbowefosho
60 Seahawks (From Chargers) Matt Conner
61 Jets Matt_Grbac
62 Vikings ravenhawk
63 Colts TheAngelsColts
64 Saints King of the Cassel

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