With the 33rd Pick In The Arrowhead Pride Mock Draft, the St. Louis Rams Select...


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Demaryius Thomas, WR, Georgia Tech.

There are a lot of holes for the Rams to address this offseason. When your team is bottom five in offense and defense, the only upside is that when draft time comes around, you have a lot of versatility in who you can pick up. In fact, you can pretty much go "best player available" at any position because, let's face it, when the team's in the crapper there isn't a player on the roster who should be comfortable with his job. And in a deep defensive draft many projected that the Rams would probably try to rebuild their defense, especially considering the history of head coach Steve Spagnuolo as a defensive mind.

But this time the Rams have really lucked out. In addition to being able to select franchise QB Sam Bradford with the first overall pick, a perfect weapon for Bradford, Georgia Tech's Demaryius Thomas, has slipped through the first round and dropped onto their laps...just in time to upgrade one of the most wretched receiving corps in the NFL. You're not going to win a lot of games in today's NFL when your best receiver (Donnie Avery) led the team in receiving with 589 yards and a woeful 12.5 yards per reception, and Thomas brings the Rams just what they need to bring back the glory days of the Greatest Show On Turf. At just a shade under 6'4" and 220+ pounds, with solid top-line speed and leaping ability, Thomas will be able to get separation from coverage and elevate over defenders in the red zone to provide the Rams with the best receiving threat they've had since Torry Holt took his game on a one-season vacation to Jacksonville. With a solid record of durability in college (only one game missed due to injury) and no history of off-field problems, Thomas should be able to be slotted almost instantly as the starter at WR, allowing star running back Steven Jackson to face fewer men in the box and loosening the coverage on Avery. And with St. Louis' very solid offensive line protecting Bradford and Jackson keeping the run defense honest, Thomas should have plenty of opportunity to thrive in the Gateway City and St. Louis should be able to improve greatly on their bottom-feeding offense, while still being able to address defensive issues later in the draft. Which is why Demaryius Thomas will be St. Louis' top pick of the second round.

First round results are here.

Number Team Position Player Selected by
33 St. Louis Rams WR Demaryius Thomas UCrawford
34 Detroit Lions upamtn
35 Tampa Bay Bucs Larryemcdaniel
36 Kansas City Chiefs ChiefsFan90s
37 Philadelphia Eagles (From Redskins) fairmont
38 Cleveland Browns HIV2Elway
39 Oakland Raiders mushin
40 San Diego Chargers (From Seahawks) tomahawk44
41 Buffalo Bills ArrowDread
42 Tampa Bay Bucs (From Bears) Larryemcdaniel
43 Miami Dolphins Sam D
44 New England Patriots (from Jaguars) stagdsp
45 Denver Broncos kcsno56
46 New York Giants CHIEFER
47 New England Patriots (from Titans) stagdsp
48 Carolina Panthers Hail2DaChiefs
49 San Francisco 49ers jterry
50 Houston Texans ChiefsDude
51 Kansas City Chiefs (from Falcons) ChiefsFan90s
52 Pittsburgh Steelers Godlovetheredman14
53 New England Patriots stagdsp
54 Cincinnati Bengals PSUkegreen
55 Philadelphia Eagles fairmont
56 Green Bay Packers tybme
57 Baltimore Ravens Ben S
58 Arizona Cardinals kirkismerff
59 Dallas Cowboys dbowefosho
60 Seattle Seahawks (From Chargers) Matt Conner
61 New York Jets Matt_Grbac
62 Minnesota Vikings ravenhawk
63 Indianapolis Colts TheAngelsColts
64 New Orleans Saints King of the Cassel

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