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No Visit Scheduled Between Chiefs, Tennessee DT Dan Williams

A few weeks ago we passed along some quotes from Tennessee DT Dan Williams. At the time, I suspected that the Chiefs would be one of the teams meeting with him because his visit list was filling up with 3-4 teams.

However, the Chiefs have yet to schedule a visit, Williams told Nick Wright on 610 Sports yesterday.

He did have some nice things to say about Romeo Crennel. He likened him to Monte Kiffin -- long-time NFL man and Williams' defensive coordinator at Tennessee last year -- with the amount of "wisdom" he can bring.

So why aren't the Chiefs taking a closer look at Williams?

Maybe they're trying to conceal their interest. But that wouldn't make much sense at this point. Williams isn't expected to go in the top ten so the Chiefs would have no reason to be throwing anyone off the scent.

Maybe they'll schedule a visit with him soon.

If a player is in the mix for your first round pick, you'll usually bring him in for a visit, though not always.

Romeo Crennel attended the Tennessee pro day and the Chiefs had a chance to talk to Williams at the Senior Bowl so they have some information on him.

Williams is considered the number one nose tackle in the draft by a lot of folks and that position is considered a need for the Chiefs so their lack of a scheduled visit is interesting.

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