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"Consensus" Is That Bryan Bulaga Is More Of A Right Tackle

There's some interesting stuff from Charlie Casserly and Michael Lombardi in a video on In a segment called "Stock Down", Casserly said the reviews on Iowa OT Bryan Bulaga are mixed.

"When I was surveying teams in January about him," Casserly said, "I got grades that were in the top ten all the way down to the second round. That was the biggest variance of any offensive tackle I asked people about."

Casserly goes on to say that the "consensus" from folks he's talked to indicate Bulaga is more of a right tackle than a left tackle and, as Casserly points out, taking a right tackle in the top ten generally doesn't happen.

Lombardi mentioned the Scott Pioil/Kirk Ferentz relationship as part of the reason the Chiefs might be interested in Bulaga. But if Bulaga is best suited as a right tackle, as Casserly asserts, it'd be hard to take him with the fifth pick.

I know Pioli and the Chiefs are unconventional at times but this would be a surprising move if Bulaga is destined for the right side. Could I still see it happening? Sure. But I don't think it would be the best more for the team. Bookend tackles are important but I'm not sure it should come at the expense of the fifth overall pick.

Casserly is seemingly plugged in because he's a former GM and likely has the connections to make assertions like this.

Casserly also had some interesting observations on Iowa offensive linemen that we'll save for a future post.

(H/T WesternChief)

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