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Chiefs Checkin' Out Another Receiver

The Kansas City Chiefs have reportedly shown an interest in at least eight wide receiver prospects according to our fancy, sortable table. I'd imagine the real number is much higher than that.

We can add one more to the list. The Chiefs are "showing an interest" in Southern Miss WR Gerald Baptiste.

Baptiste, 6'0" and 185 pounds, is a late round prospect or more likely an undrafted free agent.

Without knowing too much about Baptiste, it's easy to see the similarities between he and 2009 sixth round pick Quinten Lawrence.

Coming out of college, Lawrence was 6'0" and 184 pounds. I kid you not -- one pound difference. It seems athleticism and speed can be applied to both of these guys.

Baptiste runs in the 4.4 forty range. It's hard to imagine how the Chiefs would keep a guy like Baptiste and Lawrence on the roster at the same time.

We'll soon be updating our draft interests table.

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