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"100% Chance" Redskins Take A Left Tackle Ahead Of The Chiefs

As we've talked about over the last 48 hours, the Donovan McNabb trade does have an impact on the Chiefs in the NFL draft.

The biggest comes with the fifth overall pick. Assuming Russell Okung is the number one left tackle in the draft, the Chiefs likely won't have a crack at him because the Redskins appear to be taking the best left tackle available.

I asked Kevin over at Hogs Haven if there was any chance the Redskins go with another position besides left tackle at the fourth pick. Here's what he said:

"The Redskins don't have a left tackle. It's literally a hole. Chris Samuels retired and last year's fill-in, Levi Jones, has not signed with the team. He played average at best.

"There's no way Shanahan passes on a left tackle with the number four pick.

"To make matters worse, the Redskins don't have a Right Tackle either. Stephon Heyer, an undrafted free agent a couple years ago, ranked in the bottom ten statistically in 2009. There's no way McNabb can take the punishment Jason Campbell did. 100% chance the Redskins take an offensive tackle (assuming no more draft day trades pop up)."

There you have it. We, as Chiefs fans, feel that we know our team best so I trust that Kevin's analysis is an accurate reflection of the feelings of the Redskins brass.

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