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Iowa OT Bryan Bulaga Dons The Silver and Black

bryan bulaga raiders uniform
bryan bulaga raiders uniform

Sports Illustrated football writer Peter King said earlier today in his MMBQ column that he felt like Iowa OT Bryan Bulaga would be the Kansas City Chiefs' pick at #5 come April 22nd. Remember, it was King who was one of the folks that strongly suggested the Chiefs would select Tyson Jackson last year.

Well if King turns out to be right (I don't think he will be), the Chiefs will have a hard working o-lineman and...this disgusting picture of Bulaga as a young man in Raiders' silver and black. Fortunately, if the Chiefs do take Bulaga at #5, he described himself in the exact opposite terms of what it means to be an Oakland Raider.

The picture above comes courtesy of an interview with Bulaga, where the Illinois native talked himself up. Which is a pretty easy task for a talented guy like Bulaga.

"Tough. Intense. Hard working. Giving 100% effort all the time. I'm kind of a perfectionist too."

Yeah, those are football cliches and any potential draftee talking about himself is going to tout probably those exact qualities. The one that caught my ear was "Perfectionist." That really strikes me as a Scott Pioli attribute. Bulaga also well spoken and comes off as a very confident player.

"You're gonna get a tough, smart, physical, talented guy."

Well done Bryan Bulaga's agent. Now all you have to do is scrubbed the Internet of Bulaga in that Raiders' uniform and you've done your job.

I don't want to turn this into a, "Should the Chiefs draft Bryan Bulaga?" post. Instead, let's say a prayer for all of the children growing up as Raiders fans who think it's okay to stab opposing teams fans.

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