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PHOTOS: Arrowhead Stadium On Royals Opening Day


I was talking with Ms. Primetime at the Royals opening day this afternoon and she said something along the lines of, 'You're always working' because I was checking my Sprint Palm Pre.

Except it was a joke. I think I'm always working because I consider blogging "work".

She doesn't.

Since I wasn't "working" for several hours at Kauffman stadium today, I decided to take a detour on the way out to the car and do some "work" by taking photos of Arrowhead and the Chiefs complex.

(Editor's Note: I showed her!)

The above picture is from the practice facility. I took my out-of-shape-butt down a big hill and nearly went tumbling down.

More photos after the jump.


Walking out of Kauffman stadium. This is when I started "working".


On the way out to the car. I really like this photo a lot with the Arrowhead sign in the background.


Another one but from a little farther away.


The practice facility. This is at the bottom of the big hill that my out-of-shape-butt almost tumbled down. Somehow, I think Ms. Primetime was hoping I would fall.


An up close look at the practice fields. Is that Pioli in the background? Shoot, I better run!


The top of the hill my out-of-shape-butt almost tumbled down. See that pool of water at the bottom? Could've been bad.


Another good shot of the practice facility. There are two practice fields. One straight ahead and another to the left. The building in this picture is the indoor facility. To the left are some offices (see below).


Here are the offices. I'm leaning over Ms. Primetime as we're driving out of the parking lot.

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