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Chiefs' Derrick Johnson And Brian Waters Unlikely To Go Anywhere

Last year around this time the popular line of thinking was that the Kansas City Chiefs would trade G Brian Waters to someone, like say the Buffalo Bills, who had reportedly expressed an interest in trading for him. Of course that never happened and by the time the season rolled around -- specifically the October trading deadline -- the thought process moved to LB Derrick Johnson as a possible trade candidate considering he wasn't seeing much time on the field.

Like Waters, Johnson stayed in house and was not traded.

According to ESPN's John Clayton (via WtexKC in the FanShots), Waters and Johnson aren't likely to go anywhere.

As Clayton explains, the trade value for each of them just isn't there.

Waters isn't likely to fetch much mainly because of his age and the low trade value of his position. He recently mentioned the Dallas Cowboys as a team of interest to him because he grew up in the area but it was in no way any sort of demand or anything like that.

Johnson is a harder portrait to paint. He seemingly has talent but the Chiefs never showcased that so the rest of the league may not be aware of exactly what he can provide.

Moving forward, Johnson will be the one to keep an eye on. If the Chiefs put him on the field for as few plays as they did last year, then trading him for just about anything -- even a mid-round pick -- would be worth it, in my humble opinion.

That's not a knock on DJ. It's just that if you're not going to play him, then move on and find someone you will play.

This isn't breaking news by any means. It's something we've pretty much expected for several months.

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