With The 30th Pick in the Arrowhead Pride Mock Draft, the Minnesota Vikings Select...

There are plenty of positions that need to be filled on the Minnesota Vikings to push them over the edge into their first Super Bowl win. The first question that needs to be answered is Brett Farve coming back, or will he retire again. Riding on Farve's arm the Vikings were 2nd in points...yet it was also this arm that threw a crucial interception when all they needed to do was run the ball and get it close enough for a field goal. The only person from the backfield that is missing is Chester Taylor.



The Vikings arguably have the best running back in the game in Adrian Peterson, yet why did the Vikings running game struggle so badly. On reason is because of an increased focus on the passing game. The Vikings went from the 25th most effective passing game to the 8th most productive. The addition of offensive Rookie of the Year, Percy Harvin also helped. Bernard Berrian, Sidney Rice, and Visanthe Shiancoe are all receiving threats so they are stacked at Wide Receiver and Tight End.

The holes in offense appear to be in the offensive line. Specifically the center and guard positions. John Sullivan has been sub-par, as has right guard Anthony Herrera. If Farve is to come back he will want these positions solidified, and the only way it appears this is going to happen is from the draft.

On the defensive side of the ball lets start off with the defensive line. This has to be the Vikings strongest areas as they have Jared Allen, Ray Edwards, Pat, and Kevin Williams creating a huge wall up front. This wall allowed an average of 87 yards rushing (2nd in the NFL). One could argue that Pat Williams isn't going to be around for much longer, but for value, and best player available no DT really strikes my fancy, especially when one in the later rounds can be groomed by these 2 studs in the middle.

The linebackers are average at best, but a solid middle linebacker in the middle could make the linebackers look stellar. The same could be said about the defensive backfield... no real shutdown corner or safety's can be found on the team. Yet this team came up 19th with an average of 218.4 passing yards per game. The Vikings do have some talented QB's to face twice each year, Jay Cutler, Aaron Rodgers, and Matt Stafford. This means that the defensive backs should get a major upgrade in the offseason.

The Vikings need to get better run and pass protection on the offensive line for Adrian Peterson, and Brett Farve. If Brett Farve does decide to retire, Sage Rosenphals, and Tarvaris Jackson will need even more added help. If the Vikings want to make it to the Super Bowl next year they need Brett Farve, and to keep him here they need upgrade the center of the offensive line.That is why with the 30th pick in the Arrowhead Pride Mock Draft I'm selecting Maurkice Pouncey.



The Vikings really struggled to run the football last year. Both center John Sullivan and right guard Anthony Herrera struggled in that department. Maurkice Pouncey has the ability to play both positions, and has been talked about playing RT. This versatility creates competition on half of the offensive line. As a result the whole offensive line should play better.

Some Minnesota fans will want a corner like Devin McCourty here, but this current Vikings regime has shown us that they go with the best player available over need. Pouncey fits the BPA profile. With how the draft is currently unfolding most of the offensive line talent has been absorbed, and there should be plenty of servicable defensive backs available during the 2nd round.

Number Team Position Player Selected by
1 St. Louis Rams QB Sam Bradford UCrawford
2 Detroit Lions DT Ndamukong Suh upamtn
3 Tampa Bay Bucs DT Gerald McCoy Larryemcdaniel
4 Washington Redskins OT Russell Okung ChuckDiesel
5 Kansas City Chiefs S Eric Berry ChiefsFan90s
6 Seattle Seahawks OT Bryan Bulaga Matt Conner
7 Cleveland Browns QB Jimmy Clausen HIV2Elway
8 Oakland Raiders OT Bruce Campbell mushin
9 Buffalo Bills OT Anthony Davis ArrowDread
10 Jacksonville Jaguars DE Derrick Morgan GenericBrand
11 Denver Broncos
WR Dez Bryant kcnos56
12 Miami Dolphins DE
Jason Pierre-Paul Sam D
13 San Francisco 49ers CB
Joe Haden jterry
14 Seattle Seahawks RB
C.J Spiller Matt Conner
15 New York Giants LB
Rolando McClain CHIEFER
16 Tennessee Titans S
Earl Thomas justinmayhugh
17 San Francisco 49ers OT
Trent Williams jterry
18 Pittsburgh Steelers CB
Kyle Wilson Godlovetheredman14
19 Atlanta Falcons LB
Sean Witherspoon IamthreGreatest
20 Houston Texans RB
Ryan Matthews ChiefsDude
21 Cincinnati Bengals TE
Jermaine Gresham PSUkegreen
22 New England Patriots DE
Jared Odrick stagdsp
23 Green Bay Packers OT
Charles Brown craig in calgary
24 Philadelphia Eagles G
Mike Iupati fairmont
25 Baltimore Ravens DE
Sergio Kindle Ben S
26 Arizona Cardinals NT
Terrence Cody kirkismerff
27 Dallas Cowboys FS
Nate Allen dbowefosho
28 San Diego Chargers NT
Dan Williams tomahawk44
29 New York Jets OLB
Jerry Hughes
30 Minnesota Vikings C
Maurkice Pouncey
31 Indianapolis Colts

32 New Orleans Saints

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