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Eagles Working Out Eric Berry Now Makes Sense

Last week news broke that the Chiefs would be visiting with Tennessee S Eric Berry. The Chiefs, picking at the 5th spot, made sense. Several other teams picking in the top ten of the draft scheduled workouts with him.

But so did the Eagles, who had the 24th pick in the draft at the point.

At the time, the Eagles seemingly didn't have the ammo to move into the top ten of the draft but now, after the Donovan McNabb trade that netted them the 37th pick in the draft, it's beginning to make sense.

Let me explain a little more.

Let's put into perspective what it might cost for someone to acquire the fifth pick.

It's been widely reported that the Chiefs last year offered the Lions the third pick in the draft for the 20th and 33rd picks. The Lions, according to the Star's Adam Teicher at the time, declined the offer.

Fast forward to this year and we've got the Eagles who hold similar picks as the Lions (24th and 37th), as well as the Chiefs who are now five instead of three.

It would make quite a bit of sense, in my mind, for the Chiefs to at least ponder the idea of sending the fifth overall pick to the Eagles for the 24th and 37th pick. The parameters of the hypothetical trade are similar to the one the Chiefs proposed to the Lions last year.

Likewise, it appears the Eagles are at least interested in acquiring the fifth pick considering their interest in Eric Berry.

Will it happen? These deals usually don't but I would think the Chiefs are thinking about it.

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