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Chiefs Should Be Thankful for the Silence

Football is really just getting started. The camps become more crowded later on, of course, but even now in this stage of the game, I can't remember the last off-season that had this much drama sans Michael Vick. So the Chiefs should thank their lucky stars, as my grandmother used to say, or at least their focus on character and leadership, for the lack of dramatic stories coming out of Kansas City.

Look at the rest of the NFL. Even Bill Parcells finds his camp retracting statements and apologizing for Dez Bryant's pre-draft interview, affecting both the Dolphins' and Cowboys' environments. Santonio Holmes gets escorted from a plane, now becoming the Jets issue instead of Pittsburgh, who by the way is still embroiled in a PR nightmare that will continue through this entire season.

Even the draft was a bit dramatic for the AFC West teams. The Chargers were scorned by most pundits for reaching for Ryan Matthews, the RB brought in to replace LaDanian Tomlinson. The Raiders are playing the will they/won't they game with JaMarcus Russell and his possible release. And, of course, there's the controversial draft moves of Denver, bringing in Tim Tebow and jettisoning a young prolific offense in its entirety.

Instead, the world of the Chiefs seems to be business-as-usual, which is exactly the way the front office wants things. The goal is to make noise later and go quietly about your business in the off-season, so here's hoping that continues as the months unfold.

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