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Game Changers: Chiefs Make Big Improvements In Team Speed

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Back when Larry "2.7" Johnson was taking the bulk of the carries at running back during the '09 season, it was as if the offense was moving in slow motion.  LJ's slow as molasses, exaggerated cuts across the field were downright painful to watch. It was if as soon as you saw Larry's "burst" of initial speed, you knew the play was dead in the water.

Enter Jamaal Charles

Speed. World class track speed. Samie Parker track speed (I'm laughing too). That's the characteristic the Chiefs running game began to take on. 

Unfortunately, the rest of the team, offense and defense, didn't have that speed characteristic. 

Scott Pioli and Todd Haley's 2010 draft picks are game changers in the speed department.  The Chiefs just got fast....

The obvious speed candidate on offense that the Chiefs' drafted is WR Dexter McCluster. The 'Ole Miss alumn may be the definition of a game changer on offense - shifty, quick to accelerate and has great top speed. 

Take a look:

Crimson Tider Javier Arenas now brings speed and agility to the punt returner position:

Clearly, the Chiefs were looking to get faster in this draft. And they definitely accomplished their goal.

Give us a couple of thoughts on team speed. Overrated? Underrated? 

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