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The NFL Hasn't Forgotten About Former Chiefs QB Trent Green

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via Photo source

It's always nice to have someone say a player is "The next [Insert former Chiefs player]". Folks do it with big backs comparing them to Christian Okoye and we see the same with pass rushers and Derrick Thomas.

This time around it's quarterback Trent Green.

The Seahawks traded for Chargers QB Charlie Whitehurst and head coach Norv Turner says Whitehurst reminds him of a young Trent Green, according to Jim Corbett of USA Today.

Norv Turner, Charlie Whitehurst's coach in San Diego, compared him to a young Trent Green, who became a two-time Pro Bowl pick for the Kansas City Chiefs after starting his career with the Washington Redskins and St. Louis Rams.

Turner was the Redskins head coach when Washington acquired Green.

The comparison isn't perfect but I can see it. Green already had nearly a full season of starting under his belt throwing 23 touchdowns to 11 picks in 1998. Whitehurst has yet to throw a pass in the regular season.

(H/T KC Chiefs Blog)