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No Scrimmage For The Chiefs At Training Camp This Year

Over the past few years the Chiefs have had a training camp scrimmage with the Vikings because both teams held training camp in the same general area between Wisconsin and Minnesota.

The first year under the Scott Pioli and Todd Haley regime saw that scrimmage get nixed.

Now the Chiefs are coming back home for camp hosting it on the campus of Missouri Western in St. Joe, Mo. Missouri Western AD Dave Williams said back in October "we've been told we are definitely going to have a scrimmage" at training camp.

Williams expressed the importance of the scrimmage because it was expected to bring in about half of the $400,000 to $500,000 in expenses.

"For the scrimmage, that's our revenue," said Dan Nicoson, Western vice president of university advancement, back in October.

That was back in October. This is now.

"The football staff has decided that they don’t think a scrimmage is in their best interest," Williams said, according to the St. Joseph News-Press.

So....what happened? Western, who was counting on the scrimmage revenue expected to be over $200,000, hasn't yet focused on other areas to generate revenue.

"The Chiefs are very aware of where we’re at financially," he said. "They understand there’s a certain value for us in holding the scrimmage. But if the football staff doesn’t think it’s best for their team, then at the end of the day they’d rather take care of the bill than hold the scrimmage."

I'd be curious to hear from the Chiefs on this one. This is a significant part of Western's revenue and, according to Mr. Williams' statements above, had been verbally agreed upon at the onset of this partnership.

The St. Joe News report indicated there's still a chance there could be an intra-squad scrimmage.

Any ideas on why the Chiefs would nix this? I can't figure out what competitive advantage or disadvantage would be at play here.

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