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The Time Dexter McCluster Lit Up Eric Berry And The Tennessee Defense

So we know the Chiefs first round pick Eric Berry is good. There's no doubting that. But that doesn't mean he and his Tennessee defense didn't have a down game.

One of those missteps came against Dexter McCluster and Ole Miss.

I asked SB Nation's Ole Miss community, Red Cup Rebellion, about what they called the "single most dominant offensive performance in the history of Ole Miss football."

(Note: Please click on that link. It's our way of saying 'Thanks' to them for answering a few McCluster questions)

November 14th, 2009. Tennessee vs. Ole Miss. Here's a sampling of what Mr. McCluster did:

Just how dominant was McCluster in Ole Miss's 42-17 romp over Eric Berry and the Vols? Here's what Red Cup Rebellion had to say:

His most memorable game will likely go down as the single most dominant offensive performance in the history of Ole Miss football. I'm serious. That is no hyperbole. Against Tennessee this past season, he tallied 282 rushing yards (a school record) and 42 receiving yards which added up to 324 all-purpose yards (also a school record) with four touchdowns. He averaged just over 11 yards a touch (both rushing and receiving) so he was essentially an automatic first down machine.

Tennessee had no answer for him. He used his stature to squeeze through the tightest gaps, his quickness to elude would-be tacklers, and his speed to race toawards the endzone. It was truly a beautiful display of football acumen and overall athleticism.

That's pretty insane, even for college football.

Many thanks, once again, to Red Cup Rebellion for answering our questions.

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