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New Chiefs Safeties Are A Perfect Complement

I'm already starting to envision what the Chiefs new secondary is going to look like. You've got Eric Berry holding down the middle of the field and run support. Javier Arenas is blitzing off the corner. Kendrick Lewis isn't letting anything getting over the top.

The Chiefs two new safeties, Berry and Lewis, are a good complement to each other, according to SB Nation's Ole Miss community, Red Cup Rebellion. I asked the folks over at RCR for a run down on Kendrick Lewis. Here are the main points:
  • Recruited to be a receiver and moved to free safety his sophomore year.
  • Excellent against the deep ball and using his "rangy stride" to get across the field.
  • Good hands. Let the Rebels in interceptions for a time.
  • Excellent fundamentals.
Red Cup Rebellion tells me that, at least on the surface, he and Eric Berry could feed off each other quite well.
He isn't, however, a hard-hitting tackler and is only marginal at run support. Eric Berry, however, is a heavy hitter to excels in run support so, really, that isn't going to be a problem in KC. If the plan is for the Chiefs to, at some point, utilize Lewis and Berry on the field at the same time, the two will complement eachother nicely.    

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